Sans Peur Creations - Moon Valley Shetlands & Pygora, Pygmy, & full size Angora Goats
I have Mimosa Geraniums and I  made up some Farm Cut Soap with the oils from the plant. 

My two side kicks Nic Spatsa (on the left) and Elise (on the right) are headed back to the fairs as senior ewes.  Both had lambs this year and they are joining us too. 

Now is the time to get your reservations in for Pygora, Pygmy Colored Angoras and Angora kids, yearlings, and fleeces.

Recently we acquired a trip (flock, herd) of registered Pygmy Angora does. Several of these senior does are joining us for the show tour this year.  It is a great time to consider getting kids from great pedigrees.
Attention! Attention!
It is almost fair time!  This is a great opportunity to get the lanterns, bags, soaps, and fiber you want without shipping, pick it up at the show!

The addition of candle lanterns was a success.  We are almost out of lanterns for the hand made bases and hand turned ropes.  For only $10 to 15 you can have one of the last ones we put together.  Let us know your favorite wood color and we will get one out of stock just for you.

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