Sans Peur Creations - Hats Totes and Ugly Soaps
Summer is raising the temperature and I am raising the amount of soaps in stock.  it is one way to stay out of the sun.

All of the four footed babies are getting ready for the fairs.  I thought I had their fleeces cleaned, their toes trimmed, and teeth brushed.  Now I find that they enjoy rubbing against the mountain sage as an insect repellent.  More to get ready.  As I go look to the Moon Valley Shetlands page for photos and notes about those that are for sale and ready for show delivery (take home after fair is over).
Totes, Hats and Soaps now have their own pages.  To Order email me.

If your one of the many shepherds that show at fairs and other events please consider using this sign to keep fingers out of pens.  I colored mine with reds to yellows for eye attention and it seems to work for me.  Of course they do ask what the animal did to get into time out and I usually reply that they tried to hit a hand with their head.
Look for us at Lewis and Clark
Gun Shows
and Rendezvous in the region.

I have added Candle Lanterns to our gun show stock.  Made of wood, with wool ropes that will singe but not  burn if sparks or flame is introduced.  Priced from $10 to $15 and since the globe is made of glass I do not suggest shipping, order now and pick up at the fairs I will be attending around the region.

Yes I am bringing the Pygora Goats to the shows this year.

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