Sans Peur Creations - Moon Valley Shetlands & Pygora, Pygmy, & full size Angora Goats
I have Mimosa Geraniums and I  made up some Farm Cut Soap with the oils from the plant. 

Looking for a new Shetland?  Mention that you read my web site and get a discount on your purchase.  I will not be mentioning this discount it is up to you to go for it. 
Shetlands available:

Lambs and kids are here.  Most of the mothers are sagging and dragging ready to be done with nursing this years crop.

Now is the time to get your reservations in for Pygora, Pygmy Colored Angoras and Angora kids, yearlings, and fleeces.

Recently we acquired a trip (flock, herd) of registered Pygmy Angora does.  Sorry the two wethers went to my nephew's family.  I thought I could handle all 13 but now I have to rethink the ones I am keeping.  I have several for sale, and would like to share them with you.
Attention! Attention!
We are attending the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous and would like to bring your order to the event instead of shipping.
place your order now for best selection!
I will have the debit/
credit card machine with me to make payment easier.

I have added Candle Lanterns to our gun show stock.  Made of wood, with wool ropes that will singe but not  burn if sparks or flame is introduced.  Priced from $10 to $15 and since the globe is made of glass I do not suggest shipping, order now and pick up at the gun shows or the rendezvous we attend around the region.

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